United States Chess Federation

North Carolina Chess Association


David Brown- Club TD Emeritus and retired diaper changer.

Stephen Morales- Club TD and new website care taker. He was born on Bobby Fischer's 14th birthday; except for his love the game, that is all he has in common with Bobby.

Eugene F. Davenport-Frank Marshall reincarnated, his motto "play me and you're guaranteed to win a pawn in the opening." Prefers to be showered with popcorn instead of gold pieces.

Ken Farrar-One of the Shanghai’s Gang’s recent acquisitions. This is what happens if you wander too close to the book store on Thursday nights. We drug your coffee and you wake up playing chess.

Ulf Hellsten-Chess book philanthropist, racquet ball king, knows every chess opening at least ten moves deep, no matter how obscure the line. Favorite quote; "He goes there, then I go there, then he goes there."

Dave Mangis-Our resident Engineer and Sky-Diving enthusiast. Why anyone would jump out of a perfectly good airplane is beyond me.

Dick Meyerson-Live from New York it's... our newest acquisition of talent, and sun loving transplant.

Ken Pugh- Took a few years off from tournament play. He had plans to try and model his opening repertoire after the World Champion before returning to competition.

Sam Strickland-Another person lured into the area by a woman. Claims to be "A pawn in the game in the game of life, always willing to play around."

Doug Wisse-When he's not playing chess he can be found doing his Noah imitation crafting out high quality yachts. If he starts loading up his chess pieces two by two, I'm going to get worried.

Brian Childers – Childhood chess phenom of years gone by, now a plastic pushing cable guy.

Evan Wu Zhang – Wilmington’s current childhood chess phenom!

Varun Varadarajan – Disciple of yogi chess Grandmaster Anand Viswanathan.

Ashwin Varadarajan - Wilmington’s next childhood chess phenom!

The Flying Pasulkas – Jude, Claire, the Twins, and Grace.

Jimmy Sneeden III – Walking dictionary of chess terms and general good guy.  Great at teaching the kids what to do and what not to do, on a chessboard.